Emily Hollier is an Interior Architect with a wide breadth of experience both locally and internationally, specialising in the Interior Architecture of residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

After completing a Bachelor of Architecture, 
she worked with internationally acclaimed YOO Limited, a residential development company based in London working in association with Phillipe Starck.

she then moved to Dubai where she worked with renowned hospitality designers LWD Interior Design on several major 5-star hotel projects and bar/restaurant fit-outs in Dubai and the Middle East.

Eemily started her business in 2014, and has completed projects in sydney ranging from small alteration and additions, to large waterfront homes. she now leads a small team that will deliver well executed and thoughtful residential and commercial design to clients requirements.

Upon return to Sydney she has worked at several major interior and architectural firms on a variety of residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

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Sydney's Most Popular Interior Designer & Decorator

Interior décor and design is nothing short of being a work of art. The thought and creativity that goes into getting the design right, the ideas that need to be incorporated into a set space, the entire process requires a level of knowledge that is unique in its own aspect.

Hollier Studio has been providing such interior architecture and designs to many residences in Sydney. We are a top-of-the-line interior design company that is being helmed by Emily Hollier, who has worked with some of the top companies around the Australia. 

The experience that our team of interior designers and decorators bring to the table have an appeal that resonates with class and luxury. Since 2014, Hollier Studio has been offering innovative interior designs that are inspired by ideas from all over the globe.
We can easily say that we have the best interior designers who understand modern architecture and can deliver you your dream home. 

Experienced Interior Designer & Architect in Sydney

Almost any architecture and design work in a residential space will require knowledge and experience that is second to none. Hollier Studio has undertaken many different projects across Sydney, and we have successfully delivered on them. Our clients have experienced our skills, management techniques, and creativity first hand. Whenever we take up a project, we ensure that our clients are never left wanting for anything and that they can get the home of their dreams with minimal hassle. Here are a few reasons why you should partner up with an interior design company as experienced as us:

Professional Assessment: The biggest benefit that you will get when working with us is that our team of interior designers and decorators will be able to provide you with the best assessment of what you need. Whether you are remodelling your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or your entire living space, our team will be able to offer you multiple perspectives that will help you make the optimum choice for your dream home. We know what is trending in the market and how those trends can be infused into your interior décor. We will also be able to guide you in understanding how your choices can affect the look and feel of your home. Very often, homeowners tend to make choices for different rooms that may not give the house an overall cohesive appearance. Our team knows how to make the look of your house more tasteful and classier.

Time: Given that we have been operating in Sydney for the better part of last decade, Hollier Studio has created contacts with multiple vendors, contractors, architects, and suppliers, which will save you a lot of time. Instead of you going from one place to another, you will get everything that you want under one roof. We will show the various options that you have, and you can make your choice for materials and personnel according to your requirement. 

Budgeting: Our team understands that every build or makeover will have a budget attached to it. Some are ready to go big while there are many who are looking for some basic but innovative interior designs. Here again the interior decorators and designers at Hollier Studio will be able to assist you. Our team will give you an end-to-end estimate of all the costs that will be involved in the architecture and design of your living space. We will also create a proper contract so that all parties involved are clear about the expenses and payments.

Planning: No matter how big or small the change, you will always need to make extensive plans to carry out any interior architecture and design work. Most of the time, the planning involved can be tricky. Here again, the interior decorators at Hollier Studio will help you out. Our team will take over all the responsibilities of whatever planning is required. Whether it be setting the dates, the procurement, or the commencement and finishing of the work, we will take care of it all. Our team will also make sure that no matter the changes being made, they will not affect the structural integrity of your home.

As a professional interior design company, we ensure that our clients face minimal hassles in all and any process that is involved in our work.


The Interior Design Process by Professional Designer in Sydney

An interior designer's job is not easy. There are many complicated procedures that they must undertake to complete their work. At Hollier Studio, we believe in keeping things simple so that none of the burden of these procedures falls on the shoulders of our customers and clients. Here's a look at the three simple steps that our interior design services follow:

Consultation- We take in all the inputs that you offer. Once we get your take, our interior designers will offer you their suggestions and options on what can be done and what won't be possible.

Design- After the consultation, our interior designers will chalk up concepts and designs that can be included on to your living space. They will also provide you with samples of the various materials that will be used.

Execution- Finally, after you give the go ahead, our team will get to work and implement all what had been agreed upon. Our Interior design services have an impeccable record of on-time completion.

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