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The residential architects and their associated teams in Hollier Studio ensure that the residents in Coogee get the best deal. The combined efforts of our teams will offer you the best combination of architecture and design that you will get in the region. Our interior architects have built a reputation for creating some of the most luxurious living spaces in the city. Their overall experience has helped us gain success in a variety of projects that we have undertaken.

Interior Decoration Services

The interior decorators at Hollier Studio are the best in Coogee. Our team has built a reputation for itself by offering the best interior decoration services in the region. We have been known to offer the best supplies to our clients and customers. Whether it is material for flooring, lighting, fixtures, paint, accessories, or fabrics, we have the best quality to offer and the widest range along with it. We offer our clients multiple variations of a plan based on the information that we get from them and the architect who is overlooking the construction or the remodeling of the living space that we will be working upon. This helps us offer multiple options to our customers on what they would like to have installed in their homes. 

Interior Design Service

The interior designers at Hollier Studio in Coogee know that a home is not just about a floor plan and the concrete and bricks that give it form. A living space reflects the personality of the individual who owns it. That’s why our interior design services are focused more on what can be offered to our customers and clients at a personal level. Our interior designers offer a range of concepts that can be implemented into the living space available. We ensure that every inch and corner is utilized properly and efficiently. We ensure that all and any changes that we bring in, are in tandem with the architecture and design that is in place, and most importantly, it matches your desire

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Our mantra for success is to keep things simple. We have successfully delivered upon many projects in Coogee using this formula. One thing that all our customers and clients have realised is that when you work with Hollier Studio, you are bound to get the complete package. Whether it be a residential architect, interior designer, or interior decorator, you will find all of them under one roof. This has helped us in providing an all-round service to our clients. 

The Interior Design Process

There is a lot of creativity involved in the interior design services that Hollier Studio provides in Coogee. But we try to keep our clients and customers at ease by making sure that they are never hassled by any of our works or by the way we function. That’s why we have broken down our interior design process into three easy steps:

Intake – Our interior designer will spend a good amount of time with you to understand your vision and expectations. This will help our team to get a better idea about what you want and will in turn help us offer you better designs.

Design – After taking inputs from you, our interior design services will get down to work to present multiple plans and concepts. You will also be given a taste of the various materials that will be used in these concepts allowing you a more intimate experience of what you are going to get. 

Installation – Once the final plan is decided upon, we get our teams and contractors to work on installing or constructing all that has been agreed upon. We make it a point to ensure that our work is completed within the stipulated time.

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