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The real beauty of any home lies in how well it has been built. That’s why many homeowners in Dover Heights have chosen the residential architects at Hollier Studio for their projects. The architecture and designs that we have presented to our clients are uniquely creative and we have offered them choices that are beyond the ordinary. The approach taken by our interior architects ensures that you have the best living space possible. No matter which project you want us to undertake, you are guaranteed to get the finest residential architects, decorators, and designers in Dover Heights. 

Interior Decoration Services

Getting your dream home involves a lot of factors, one of them is hiring the right interior decorators. At Hollier Studio, you are guaranteed to get the best interior decoration services in Dover Heights. Our team has taken up many projects across the city and the region and understands the needs of our clients. It is for this reason that we offer you concepts and designs that are suited best for spaces that are found in Dover Heights.

We also have a robust supply chain that helps us access the best fabrics, flooring materials, fixtures, pains, and other installations for you. We make sure that we are working closely with you and your architect so that we get the floor plans right to incorporate your ideas and present you with your ideal dream home.

Interior Design Service

As an interior design company, Hollier Studio has been offering top-of-the-line interior design services in Dover Heights. The clients and customers that we cater to, are aware of how our interior designers ensure that every aspect of the plan that is in motion is well taken care of. It has been seen very often that interior designers offer plans and concepts that look great, but they just are not good enough to be implemented. At the time, these plans end up creating illegal structures or modifications that could violate some codes or regulations. 

Our interior designers make sure that nothing like that ever happens. They do this not just by having good knowledge about the laws, but they are in constant touch with the architect and the authorities so that no unauthorised or unlawful actions creep into any of the final plans.

Most Talented Interior Designers in Dover Heights:  Residential Architect and Design

At Hollier Studio, we provide everything that you need. We are the one-stop-shop for all your remodelling and construction requirements. If you are looking for an interior decorator, residential architect, or an interior designer in Dover Heights, then you don't need to go anywhere else. All your architecture and design solution will be handled by our interior design company and we will keep you informed about all the processes and procedures that are involved in our work. 

The Interior Design Process

Though ingenuity and creativity form the cornerstone of the work that our interior designers do, the overall process involved in interior designing can be complicated. But you will not have to worry about any of it as we will be tackling all the issues in it and will offer you the final product based on what you expect. Here's a quick look at how we do it:

Consultation – We start off by taking all your suggestions and incorporating it into our overall plan. We will present this plan to you for your approval. 

Design –  Once the plan has been approved our interior design team will get to working out several different designs and concepts that you can choose from. We will also provide you with samples of the various materials that will be sued for the final project. 

Execution –  After you choose the design and give us the go-ahead, we will get in touch with the contractors and build you your dream home. You will be happy to know that Hollier Studio has a long-standing record of completing projects on time.  

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