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HS Design Insight: Unique Wall Sconces to Elevate Your Home

One of our favourite interior pieces to add into our projects are wall lights. We love sourcing locally made, Australian-designed homewares and our local artisans are creating some exquisite designs. We've gathered up our current top of list unique wall lights, some that we will be including in our current projects underway, that we believe will elevate your home and create an elegant, high-end touch.


  1. Fini Wall Sconce by Articolo Lighting: Inspired by refractions of light dancing on the horizon, Fini is a handcrafted solid glass rod encased in linear brass form. Characterised by an uneven surface, Fini refracts light to create a dynamic luminescence that appears animated. We also used Articolo Lighting throughout The Woolwich House project, view the project here.

  2. Coast Celeste Sconce by Daniel Boddam: This light has a celestial, lunar quality. The machined clasp-fixing enables the brim to be interchanged in different materials like a hat.

  3. Alexis Wall Light by Il Granito: A light created out of beautiful natural stone and metal, this one wont go unnoticed.

  4. Arch Wall Light by Douglas and Bec: Light breaks through the spaces between panels not this elegant brass folded wall lamp, creating a linear negative detail.

  5. Vintage Wall Light by Mark Douglass: The Vintage is a small and enclosed version of our Round Modernist. This pendant works best when hung in a cluster.


Curious as to how we utilise unique wall sconces in our projects?

Check out the images below taken from our recent projects where we featured various wall sconces throughout the homes to bring an elegant feel and a touch of high-end, distinctive Australian style to the spaces.

Want to see more of our projects? Click here.

Are you ready to add unique wall sconces to your interior space?

If so, get in touch today, we would love to help you.

Check out our Pinterest for more inspiration from Hollier Studio.

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